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Hello there Kildorf, every so often I stop by the verge site either to download something I need :)  but also always hoping verge is still being worked on. I will always love verge, I think we are all going to have a place in our hearts for whatever ide and or programming language we learn to code. 

So I am must say I'm very happy to see your update. ^o^ Downloading now... 



Ill just throw this out there -- anyone using Unity atm?  I'd love to marry verge to Unity -... cheers

Zonker! Glad to hear from you. :) Verge was definitely on my mind pretty constantly while working on SimpleQuest (and, while I continue to work on the Next Thing).  I can't say I miss everything about VergeC ;) but I definitely miss a lot about the engine and everything around it. I miss having that community around and active. When did we get so old?

I've used Unity a little and I can't say it's my favourite, but some people have done some pretty awesome things with it. It could definitely do a 2d tile engine... (before I switched to the web-based stuff I was actually starting to build SimpleQuest in Unity).