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Hey, pretty cool little game. Game installed without a problem, but it would have been nice if it offered a desktop shortcut, took me a bit to figure out where it was on my computer after installing it.

The in game help was adequate, but I feel like there's a few actions that are missing. I feel like i'd want an action to be able to scan a specific location to tell what it is. As it stands the only way I found to identify an object was to attempt to run into it. Also, I kept doing a short range scan after every single move to see what was around, maybe if there was some way to combine those actions?

The angles for headings  was also confusing to me. since the game doesn't say what direction an angle of 0 is, or whether the angle is clockwise or counter clockwise.

I ran out of power before collecting all the probes. I feel like the bones of the game are pretty good, but I wish there was more to do than just move, scan, and teleport a probe if you find one (maybe there is more to do, but I couldn't find it).

Thanks again for making a game and putting it out there! keep it up.

Thanks for the feedback!  Were you able to get the HELP for the specific commands?  For example, HELP SRS would give you more text on the Short Range Scan function, and HELP SWEEP should have given you info on how the angles worked.

I'll look into adding an option for a desktop icon, and maybe an option to make a SRS after each move?  These are good ideas - keep them coming!