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Ramshackle Castle Creations

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Thanks for the feedback!  Were you able to get the HELP for the specific commands?  For example, HELP SRS would give you more text on the Short Range Scan function, and HELP SWEEP should have given you info on how the angles worked.

I'll look into adding an option for a desktop icon, and maybe an option to make a SRS after each move?  These are good ideas - keep them coming!

Trekkie community · Created a new topic Open Beta
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Thanks for taking a look at Trekkie!  We are currently in Open Beta, so I would really appreciate some feedback on your experience.  To wit, please keep the following question in mind as you provide your input:

  • Were you able to install and run Trekkie?  Any problems with screen resolution or text font/size?
  • How difficult was it to figure out how to play the game?  Were the Help instructions adequate?
  • Did you encounter any bugs, crashes or showstoppers?
  • Were you able to complete a game session?  Did you enjoy it?  Would you want to play it or a similar game again?

Thanks again, and I hope to hear for many of you!

Trekkie community · Created a new topic General

Welcome to Trekkie, a throwback to the computer games of the 1970's, when graphics were restricted to text on monochrome screens.  This game was inspired by the numerous versions of "Star Trek" that used to run on Unix mainframes everywhere.  I plan on releasing it mid-February 2018.  Until then, what can you remember about the early days of computer gaming?