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I had just finished watching another demo video and reloaded the page and BAM! My worst knoghtm,are lol another project/game to investigate.

This was a task for a class on valentine's day? Really? You did very very well. 

Fantastic use of textures and lighting. Nice easy play and the in gtame detail is great. I love the bedtime audio track as well.

As the for the wall and ceiling decorations. Very well done and I think  everything stitched togther beautifully and upon first play I couldn't find a fault except for my damn microphone for which I do apologies.

At (just fixed it guys)

and to

And youtube.

Very well developed and presented.

Add a few more levels or the Bunny gets it!



Thank you so much for playing it! I'm happy you liked it. Sadly, I have no time to develop more leves, cause now I'm diving into another project with class teamates.

Just to expalin a little, in your video, at 9:48, that was a trap XD but you solve it quickly. I saw players dying here hahaha.

Again, thank you so much!

I've just re-uploaded the video to AND to make the videos and your games a little more publicly available.

Ah 9:48 was a trap eh. Very sneaky lol and no worries about concentrating on other projects as it's great to move on but the main tghing is that Sweet Dreams was made in the first place.

 I've also had a look at your page and will do a video for each project and upload them for you as well.

Keep up the great work



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Wow thank you so much. Hope you like my other projects :D