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Hey! Thanks so much for such detailed feedback. I'm super new to game development so it means a lot to have people playing my game and finding it fun! And well done on getting to the boss. ;) 

Will definitely take the point about controls on board! I think I designed this largely solo without showing other people too often, so I found it hard to judge how much I should explain. I'll take a lot more care and testing over this next time. 

Accessibility I knew was always going to be an issue - all the gameplay is based around colour mixing, and the technique I used for that was going to be difficult to adjust to other colours for people with visual differences. I really wish I'd put more thought into this one, though - I'm sure there would have been ways around it. I'll have to make my next game extra accessible to make up for this one! :P

Super glad you found the difficulty curve successful - I put a lot of time into designing the levels to work in a way that didn't feel unfair. I would have liked to put in an endless mode with random spawns, but every time I tried this it immediately felt like the game was cheap-shotting you. Really happy that this element of the design was appreciated! :)

Thankyou so much for playing and good luck with all your projects!

Don't think you could have done much about accessibility, it's just something to be aware of :) it's alright to have games that are not good fit for accessibility. But having it in mind and thinking about it is always nice. Just wanted to mention it as you're new to game developement :)