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I've noticed that game in connection of a recent user's rating appearing on my dashboard, I like it's grey-ish background & the title sounded like there could be fun when playing it.

I like that game being described in the short textline by using html5 and it's cool to be playable on browsers.

'click to continue'
could maybe get coded in bold-letters? I'd like if just that line being clickable & maybe see a custom cursor somehow?

Nice selfie-kawaii/pose of that bear there, cool dragon's mane/haircut and off that both char's do have similar size as claws/nails too? Same as them being approx. in same body-size but if the dragon shoots polaroid-pics, he looks bit smaller?

Chill/ambiente music (adorable when the voice starts, I like those more than just the instruments before), cool drawing/storyline/camera-angles. 'clik' ...could there be a possible typo after that bear jumped off his dragon pal's back?

Fav. scene so far: dragon snapping that pic and it's printed.
Could there be a "skip/back to chapter" or "prev./next"-button?