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i see, you got a different download link for the game? becase the itch one (obviously) doesnt work

I actually just downloaded the versions here on itch and everything runs for me.  Just double click the html and it opens right up in the browser.  

The free version can be found here:

If you paid for the game, itch gives me some information about sales.  If you can give me the date you paid for the game I can look up using the date (Sold three copies this last week, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one is you if you've got a date).    I should then be able to email a copy to you directly.

you clicked the download button? cuz there are no other links on the itch page to dowload the game.

if its on Patreon, maybe include a link to it on the game's page here?

also, no i haven't payed for it

Not sure why things wouldn't be working for you.  I can download the free version, open it and it plays just fine.

I trust you were able to get the game through the Patreon page?

Adding a Patreon page to the description is a good idea.  I should probably do that.

i don't know either :/

and yes, i was able to get the game just fine from the patreon page 

good, lol. that will hopefully prefent something like this from happeing in the future 

That's really odd, I uploaded the same compressed file to both places.  Its really weird that it works from one place but not the other.   The important thing though is that we got you a version that works!

Hope you enjoy the game.  I've got a new build in testing right now that should be released late this week.  Keep your eyes pealed, I always post new builds to Patreon first, then move to the other places I post to.  It should go up everywhere on Friday afternoon/evening.

well, i think that is cuz Itch wants a .exe file and not a HTML one. and that's why it doesnt work

i enjoyed it for what content was there, your pretty good. i see, then i'll definitely keep that in mind to check if a new build has been released


Thank you for the kind words.  I'm very happy to hear you are enjoying it so far.  I look forward to having you along for the journey!

Guess I need to take a look around here and see if there's a work around.  I've seen plenty of other html games on the site, so I'll need to check for what they may be doing different.

first. AAAAH, sorry i got busy so i has no time to reply to you D:

your welcome, so far the game looks pretty promising, i'm happy to be on board of this Lill ship :D
if you need suggestions for what you could add 'n shit maybe i could help?
also, yeah looking at what others did is a great way to get inspiration

No worries, we all get busy from time to time.

Just rolled out a new build if you're interested.  Still need to get it posted here but I'll try to take care of that once I make this post.

I have a policy of listening to anyone's ideas.  I know I don't have a monopoly on good ideas, so I figure its always a good idea to listen if people want to share.  Wont promise to take offered ideas, but I'm always willing to listen, and if I like an idea I wont be shy about adopting it.  ;)