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This is truly amazing i wouldn't come across this if I wasn't searching for Ace Combat 7 release dates. Bandai and Project Aces could put this as a demo of their game. For a game in Alpha stage it runs amazing considering I am running this on a older core2quad system but still with a mixture of High-Ultra settings it contains a nearly constant 60fps. High recommendation put on some classic Ace Combat tunes while you play this. I'm looking forward to the final release and I would like to help you translate this to my native language. One extra thing i think you should add a support for the controllers and gamepads that aren't popularly known brands I have a logitech dual action and I can't get it to work.


CPU: core2quad q9450


GPU:RX560 2gb


Hey there! Good to hear that your system runs well! Controllers and gamepads are supported by default, however if it doesn't have Xinput capability you will have to bind it manually in the options screen. 

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Thanks for explaining it for me keep up the good work man.