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Whenever I see things like this I get scared that they might turn out to be a gross joke about how confusing/confused/wrong trans & non-binary people are but this game turned out to be nothing but beautiful, poetic, & kind.

It had such a happy ending too, it never made me feel *too* sad & now that I finished it I'm happier than I have been in days, so that was a big bonus!

This game honestly made me feel a little less anxious about talking about being trans too?  Like I always feel like I have to be really super casual about it or I'm being overly & sometimes I can't even say "trans" out loud out of embarrassment but I spent that whole game introducing myself as Kevin, he/him & by the time I met Mark I stopped feeling so bad about it.

It was just a really good & kind game, thank you for making it.  (Sorry i wrote so much I just really liked the game)


oh gosh thank you SO much! there's no need to apologize-- it means a lot to hear that the game meant something to you <3 i hope you're able to take those feelings with you and keep feeling comfortable talking about who you are!