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Just a thought regarding the button prompt pop-ups when cleaning and repairing. What if the image of the button to be used was the graphic hovering over the spot that needs repair or fixing, and the grey button prompt pop-up was removed altogether? (ie removing the pop-up that appears after 1 second of looking at the thing to be interacted with, and replacing it with a single button hovering over the place of interaction)

Rather than having a unique image for the repair icon, a unique image for the button to use, and a unique piece of text describing it, you can succinctly put all of this information in one button icon that statically hovers over the object.

I only suggest this because the prompts repeatedly coming on and off screen looks a little fatiguing, like receiving notifications from a group chat while trying to type something to your friend.

If you’ve read this far, thanks Yahtz! Love your work!

The issue with that is that the button for "use tool" is the same regardless of what tool you're using. So all the welder, cleaner, and wrench jobs would look the same.