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Thanks for the feedback! That's strange (and worrisome) about the music stuttering. I haven't encountered that as an issue. Does it happen if you play it in magic window/Non-VR mode? Does it stutter if you retry after playing through one full time? I'm curious if it's a "loading-the-MP3s-the-first-time" problem, running out of resources issue (if non-VR mode works fine), or if the Nexus just handles audio completely different than my S6 dev phone...

I've only got the S6 to test on, and it runs well until the phone starts heating up, usually on the 3rd consecutive playthrough. I was able to build out and test on a S8, and that did not have any thermal issues or slowdown, but it did have some z-fighting in the hallway/menu scene. I tweaked the positions of the doors, and that solved it at that time. I'm bummed to hear that you're seeing z-fighting issues. Is it all the doors in the hallway, or just the ones that are farthest away from the camera position?

Sorry to badger you with a bunch of questions, but I was really hoping that this version was finished/ready to release, since it was running with no issues (besides thermal throttling after multiple playthroughs) on my S6. I really appreciate you alerting me to these issues, and any more feedback would be super helpful, if you've got the time to mess with it. Thanks again!

I can completely relate to your questioning =)

Playing in Non-VR mode now and still stutters. Seems to get worse when things are flying around and there are explosions.

On a second play thru, it  seems to get worse, sadly. I would bet on the physics engine taking too much time and starving the audio buffers.

Any other test you might want me to perform? Feel free to ask.

What did you use? Unreal? Unity?


Thanks for being so understanding and helpful. The engine is Unity and I used Blender to model everything. I've already optimized everything as much as possible ( all music gear is sharing a single 4k texture atlas and 8 materials and everything has simple box colliders), so I think that I just need to raise minimum specs to S7 or better and release it. Thanks again for checking it out and letting me know about the issues. I wish I had a better solution.