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Played a session of this with four experienced players. Here's what we thought:


* the four character types are iconic for fantastic setups, we did a steampunk game with some hidden sorcery and it worked just great

* The setup is great, the bonds are interesting. As a situation generator the game works well. "We could play this in Primetime Adventures or some other game!" was a comment we all agreed with right before we did the last page.


* the resolution doesn't seem completely functional from a game perspective; with four players there's no reason for any player to defect from the group. Further, with that many cards being dealt there's really very little chance of failure or even partial failure. We had to pick something other than "complete success" if we wanted to explore any other ending.

* the game directs you to keep some cards and discard others, but you never use the ones you keep and the discard pile never comes back. not sure if this is a mechanic that was deleted at some point


* if you wanted to flesh out the strongest part of the game, the situation creation, with some specific rules for playing out particular bond expressions or the appearance of the obstacle, etc., this could be very interesting.

* because each of the character types has their own sections, you could easily create playbooks which each character stepped through as they played and create a unique artifact for everyone at the end.


Thanks for playing the game and commenting!