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Been playing around for two days, and this is seriously seriously good software. I managed to make a loud racecar and a subdued electric car sound, and even a loud howling wind noise.
Seriously underrated. I am 100% going to support the dev once I finally earn a little as a newbie GameDev.

Also, a little feedback, I have finally experimented enough since i started two days ago that I know that this software's limitation stems from the fact that you can't do AM(VolMod) or FM operation on the main wave more than once. Like I wanted to see if I can have four pulses by setting the Custom VM wave's frequency to 4, and then having those generated pulse's Volume be modified on a smaller level. Hmmm, this problem can worked around by manually drawing the micro waves in the pulse's custom shape or by using the main wave's vol mod to create a single pulse and then using VM's settings for the micro pulses and then looping it in an external software like audacity, but this method has it's own limits.

Again, this is probably the best sound gen software I have ever seen. I straight up created loop-able howling wind sound with the appropriate settings. Thanks a lot.


I've actually thought about having AM and FM optional, like how the effects work. You'd simply add as many FM or AM waves you need. Same with channels. There's not really a good reason that there's always 8 channels. You should be able to add as many as you need. Maybe next version!

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi labbed i adore lab chirp so much ive been broadcasting its uses on im doing another broadcast soon , I found that although i own FL Studio Producers edition my workflow is much better when i combine the two , By batch making my sounds b4 using in fruity loops , its awesome dude why is this free ??? i would have paid upto £20 for it , Anyway i didnt but when i have some spare cash ill be sure to make a donation for thx for the software my broadcasts have had more views since i started doing this than EVER still not loads though ,Ill perservere and plz plz continue updating lab chirp like FOREVER dude my twitch name has changed to fruity_and_loopy .There are a few vods i made using lab chirp on there to see  :) keep up the amazing project bye.....


Wow, thanks! LabChirp is free for various reasons:

  • It's a personal hobby project which I develop in my spare time because I like doing it, and not because I want to make money out of it. I add and tweak what I want, when I feel like it, and no one can rightfully demand specific changes, or their money back, etc. (obviously I love hearing feedback! Don't get me wrong!)
  • Free software and other free things on the web has helped me out a lot in the past and present, and it just feels natural to me to release my creations as free, as a way to "pay back" or contribute to the pool of free things. Perhaps that's a weird way of looking at it, but it makes sense in my head.
  • Free means everyone has access to it! Simply knowing that people found LabChirp useful for their own projects is worth more than money to me.

There are probably more reasons, but these are the ones I could think of right now.

I love seeing that you use LabChirp for music! Most people use it for games, but most of my songs since 2010 solely use LabChirp for the instrument samples, which works great in my opinion. Obviously I use it for the sound effects in my games as well :P You see, it's a program I created for myself! And if others enjoy it too, that's great!

Thanks again for your comment and have a great day!


Hi labbed i made my own VST mod i put it on itch for free it is an ADSR Phase Mod with built in Midi Keyboard just published today . Plz check it out if you have the time it works with most leading DAW's inc Fruity Loops and Audacity