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I'm a big Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli fan, so when I saw WIP posts about this game, I couldn't wait to play it. 
This game is so beautiful - the anime-styled PixelArt is perfect. It looks just like Kiki and her town. Speaking of which, the parallax scrolling in the background is lovely. 
With regards to sound... the music is perfect - I left it on the title screen for ages just to hear all of the music! The SFX is spot-on too, the sound of Kiki's dress flapping in the wind is very believable (as too are the annoying crows - why won't they still leave her alone?!) :D
The game play is fun and simple enough to enjoy again and again. Having clear controls at the start helps new players too.
Overall, a very polished and great entry - congrats & good luck! :D

(P.S. - I only earned $9.49 - should probably try harder!)