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(I also wrote this to you by email.)

Can you fix the ugly window resizing of GameMaker Studio 1?

Hello Yal.

I saw your project, Window freeze fix, and although I don't need it, maybe you can help me.

The problem is this: when you run a Windows game in GameMaker Studio 1.4, these things happen:

a) If you maximize and restore the window, you notice that the game display adjusts its aspect ratio after a short delay, instead of immediately adjust in. That delay makes it look ugly.

b) If you resize the window by dragging its sides, the window is filled with a white colour instead of showing the game image. That looks ugly too.

To best understand me, try running a game in GameMaker 8. When you press maximize and restore, the image immediately adjusts to the change in window size. It looks good.

And when you resize by dragging the window sides, the game view freezes (which is okay for me), and the room and its contents remain visible, and the aspect ratio immediately adjusts to the change in window size. It looks smooth and good. That is how it is on GameMaker 8.

I don't know why GameMaker Studio 1 changed it, so that now the window fills with white when resized, and there is a delay in changing aspect ratio.

Could you write a DLL or extension or something for GameMaker Studio 1.4, to make the window behave as it did in GameMaker 8?

Maybe GML code can help? Resizing the application surface, etc?

Replied to your email with details - previously GM would resize and repaint the window every step of the way, which was a bad idea in some cases. Now GM waits until you’re done resizing and resizes the internal buffers after 10 frames, which is good for performance but looks weirder.

This can be addressed with an extension (by finding and modifying the internal countdown until resize and by hacking into the window’s background drawing respectively), but doing so requires an amount of research and experimentation.