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I’ve done this on Linux, on Mac it should be similar. I will explain the steps here, let me know where exactly you get stuck. Since you are mentioning terminal commands, I’ll assume you are at least a bit familiar with the terminal.

chmod +x “path to file”

This command targets a file and makes it executable. This should be a file named butler inside the directory you extracted. So if you extracted everything in


The command should like something like

chmod +x ~/butler_directory/butler

It shouldn’t return any error, or anything else.

export PATH=”$PATH:path to file”

This command tells your terminal where to look for executable files. For example when you run the “chmod” command above, the terminal knows to find it at “/usr/bin/chmod” (or wherever else based on your OS). So this command will allow you to simply type “butler” and execute that file, without the need to navigate to its directory every time. Based on the directory above, the command should target a directory, like this:

export PATH=”$PATH:~/butler_directory/”

You shouldn’t see anything after running this. Make sure to close the terminal and open it again (to apply changes). Now on the new terminal, try typing

butler –version

If it works, then success! You’ve installed butler and can proceed with configuring it to be connected to your account.

Hope that helps, let me know if you get stuck anywhere and I’ll do my best.