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Wow, I'm still amazed.  That game was phenomenal! Though I'm so confused, especially about "Rudy" (hope that's not too spoiler-y). Like, whaaat? And "his" two different arms in one ending. It's all so mysterious. Do you plan on clearing anything up? And no matter what I do, I don't know how to get the gallery picture that's the third one diagonally down to the right.

But yeah. I was actually kind of scared at some points. Some endings for so mind-fucky, but the true one was just heartwarming. :)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game, I'm so happy you liked it (even though it was confusing XD) 

To shed a little light, here are some--spoilers!


Ok, about the Rudy matter and the double "nature" of the creature: I wanted the player to craft the story and the characters, so based on your behaviour towards the unknown creature (you can either be kind or a jerk to him, but also be "brave" or "scared") the game decides if YOU are the human or the monster of the story. Basically there are 4 combinations:

1)You are the human, the "kid" is a monster

2)You are the monster, the kid is human

3)You are both humans

4)You are both monsters

For the gallery image: I'm not sure if I understood the picture you are talking about, but I think it might be either the one for ending 3 (walkthrough, in the download section) or this one, try to pick:

Hi -- I' one -- where am I? -- go with him -- eat -- don't say anything -- eat it raw -- be aggressive -- be evasive -- start a fire -- have you seen yourself -- sleep -- i need to find him -- don't --  yes -- stay with him

Let me know if this is it, if not I'm at your disposal 👍 and thank you again for leaving your feedback, I really appreciated it :)


Yes! This poster! Thank you for playing, it reveals the essence of our society, which usually builds portraits of people only in appearance, rumors and first impressions. Superbly.