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Can't get the download to launch.

hmm, it should definitely be possible - it's an MSI file. if your windows comes up with a message, you can press "more settings" and allow the MSI file. Basically, we have not yet had Windows to offically verify the file, which is why there probably is a message from microsoft.

Ok I'll give it another try today. Looks great. I'm looking forward to trying it!


I was having the same issues today, the problem was i have a pop up blocker on chrome which was preventing the pop up necessary to download, disable or allow the file in pop up blocker and youll be sound :) stunning looking game!

Thanks for the solution and the feedback! We are currently revising most of the game, making it a lot more content-dense and stunning looking. Also, with a bit more tutorial and guidance to players that get lost :)

No problem :) Looking forward to it! its weird that its not a horror game (i dont think so far anyway) but it still makes me tense! done a really good job with the atmosphere in this game and the lighting effect is stunning, stood watching the sky for 20 minutes! haha