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No problem :) Looking forward to it! its weird that its not a horror game (i dont think so far anyway) but it still makes me tense! done a really good job with the atmosphere in this game and the lighting effect is stunning, stood watching the sky for 20 minutes! haha

Hey guys, thank you! just got it uploaded now!
I did have a few issues with the screen capture software not picking up certain text but iv uploaded anyway because i really really enjoyed it so far and want people to see it.
Never played a game like it and really wasn't expecting the case to end like it did!!
Well done guys, i love it!
-Kid Vermin

Hey guys really like the look of this game and would love to do a lets play with it on youtube, would you have any objections to that?
Thanks i advance,
-Kid V.

I was having the same issues today, the problem was i have a pop up blocker on chrome which was preventing the pop up necessary to download, disable or allow the file in pop up blocker and youll be sound :) stunning looking game!