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This game had a super nostalgic “PlayStation classic” feel to it. That paired up with some Petscop and DDLC vibes easily makes this one of my favorite indie games right now. It definitely needs to be bigger than it currently is. Multiple endings, lore, Easter eggs in the files, and other stuff that I don’t wanna say due to spoilers. 

Character movement was a little touchy and it was hard to stop moving in a certain direction once you gained some momentum (this caused me to fall off the edge a lot) but other than that, I didn’t want to put this down! Thanks for making this game!! Please make more like it!

Okay, so I definitely missed a TON of stuff in my first playthrough of the game. I did a quick episode digging deeper and achieving the alternate 'ending' - I tried to find all of the secrets that I could in this one. I know I missed stuff, and have gone back and unlocked even more! One more video coming tomorrow!

This game just keeps astounding me with its deep lore and secrets. Even now, watching my videos on this game, I'm seeing things that I didn't catch the first time. Little bits and pieces of info between characters are tying together. It's brilliant. If I was a theory channel, I'd SO totally do a theory on this game. Thanks a ton for making this!

This game was so immersive and it had so much information hidden. Just have to dig deep and pay attention to what the NPCs say. It's not ALL nonsense. That being said, I think I found the rest of the secrets in this game!