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That dev + YT/Streamer relationship heat up can't be emphasized enough. We certainly do need that and I'm sure they would like an easier way of bridging that gap without a stuffed mailbox that gets swamped.

Agreed with the off topic of not a fan of but really helps build that community vibe.

Additional idea branching off of your tutorial suggestion is "tutorial/tips from the dev about his/her/their game"

As a YT/Streamer I third this with enthusiasm. The Dev/Influencer communication is currently flawed across the industry and trying to spearhead a change in that would certainly be a good place for Itch. Especially considering the recent introduction of the Press System.

Yes, the current method (investing time and lots of communication/involvement) just currently isn't feasible for developers to connect with a large variety of YT/Streamers. With indies having to do so many roles (and many having to work a "day job" on top of it) and the time investment to really forge that connection, a developer can only make that solid connection with a handful or delay the development length to unimaginable developer time lengths. It still is a great method for building a strong relationship and should still be done but leads to a big dilemma of all eggs in one basket scenario when it is the only method and does not leave enough time for networking/reaching out to more YT/Streamers.