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Awesome premise and game you've got going on here! I. also, was not expecting it to be so hard on the fist level, but no real complaints there. Sadly I don't watch Stranger Things or GoT so the demo references are gonna go right over my head. The mechanics seem pretty sold overall, but could use some fine tuning here and there, my thoughts are a lot more detailed in and at the end of the video. Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

Hi CoalFire, thanks for the video! It's really cool and useful.

We are working hard on level design and difficulty balancing and we think your tips will be a big help.

Can we ask you to make a video of the secondo world too?

We'd really love to get your feedback on it!


I was planning on it! The video will be out tomorrow!


Today we're streaming live from our studio. if you're curious of having a look at Fantastico Studio  subscribe on Kickstarter.