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I CANNOT EXPRESS TO YOU HOW FUCKING MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME AHHHH. It takes you on an intense emotional rollercoaster, hitting you where it hurts most, but making you feel so many good emotions when you get the good ending. It's honestly mind-boggling that this game is free, I would literally pay 50 dollars to play this game again. I've had good laughs, heartfelt cries, and amazing moments filled with happiness while playing this game. 10/ fucking 10

PS: I know you're working on The Virgin Campaign right now, but you should seriously consider making another game like this. I feel like, if you really wanted to, you could succeed as an Indie game producer!

im glad you enjoyed it! if i put more time into it i could make original music/backgrounds and more art/scenes but alas it still is a shitpost game ahah, thank you so much though!! <3