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Hello! I really enjoyed your game, the colour schemes were super nicely done and the game play was great and I'm glad I could survive all those spooks! I made a let's play of your game  alongside another game here-

Hey, thanks for the kind words and the video!

I had made the game in time for Halloween (and released it on the PICO-8 site around then), but I didn't get around to properly setting up my itch page till recently so I posted it way out of season here.
As for the music being reminiscent of something specific, if it is that's completely unintentional. I was just fumbling around trying to do what I could to make something sound Halloween-ish.

You're more than welcome! Ah I suppose we were both a little out of season with this game :D

Maybe my mind was just over thinking the music as it might have just sounded halloweeny like on some 80s horror.