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How do you "Grab / Poke" with the keyboard? I tried every button and none of the keys did anything... except for A, which seemed to do some kind of quick fall.

Press left/right on the title screen to switch between different keyboard layouts. There are tutorials in-game that should tell you which keys to press (these will show controller buttons instead if you have a controller plugged in).

Here's a quick reference of the action keys on the different keyboard layouts:

Grab / poke:XXXO
Ground pound:ZYWA
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Thanks, but none of those keys are working for me.

The in-game hints are showing gamepad controls, but I don't have a gamepad connected. Could the game incorrectly think for some reason that I'm using a gamepad, and disable keyboard controls?

Edit: Sorry, I figured it out. I didn't realize that I had to interact with the spikes in the background.

Edit 2: Finished it! Short and sweet, thank you!

Do you happen to have a Xbox One controller anywhere becuase you can use that,  and the A is the ground pound it lets you slam onto the stick things which bounces you.