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I really like this game, but it's clear that it's still in development because after a few days of it's most hectic session, it's just the dealing with the same three promotions and the usage limits.

It's also glaringly obvious that anyone that's using a promotion is going to be within their usage limits to prevent confusion for the player.

But it's very clear how complex this game can get, dealing with various promotions, prohibited services, etc. especially when these categories intersect, like disconnecting Bronze users for using any services besides browsing.


How about this, you can have multiple decision criteria be true at once (i.e. using a promotion, but over their limit) and use the numbered list on the Company Policy email as a decision priority list. So on some days, throttling people who reached their limit will be more important than promotions, and vice versa on some other days.

Also, add more services like social media as separate from browsing, maybe even have news as separate, too. You could also add GPS services and things like that.

Adding scenarios involving news and information sites, as well as maintaining where users are, like in that South America scenario, can add a serious political element to the game to build on it's central anti-corporatism theme.