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Hiya! My name is Star, and I'm nonbinary! I saw the name of this comic and almost lost my mind! I just finished playing GENDERWRECKED and you've made me feel so happy! The ending made me smile so much and eeeeee. I wish it was easier to live in a world, where we could all transcend the boundaries of pronouns and perceptions. So what if I feel like a burning light in the sky? That describes me well and makes me feel content with how my life's going. Again, I just wanted to say thank you so so so so much for creating so masterpieces, that describe gender in such a philiosophical light, which it deserves. I wait patiently for any/everything else you'll do! Thank you for making me smile!

star !!!

oh gosh, thank you so much for this sweet comment!!! i'm so glad i could make you happy with my work <333