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Hi hi, I've been following the development of this game since 2016 and I've been so exited about it, I've played all the demo's and i just keep wanting to play this game more and more. I absolutely LOVE it when there's a progress report I get so happy seeing the progress and the screen shots.

This is like my dream dating sim, and all of the features that you guys are adding look like so much fun to play, I am a liiiiiittle disappointed that the game was delayed, but that was only because I want to play it so badly lol, to be honest I'm not surprised tho and of course its better that it was delayed so that you guys could finish it properly and really refine it plus more game at the end!

I am a little sad that I can't play the beta lol but sadly i couldn't back the kickstarter and i didnt buy the artbook.....I wonder if I can buy it now and get to play the beta....? (I'm probably just being hopeful here). 

Either way I'm looking very forward to playing in June.........(maybe earlier if we're lucky xDD).

Thank you guys so very much for developing this game and working so hard at making this amazing looking game, good luck, I really can't wait to play Seiyuu Danshi, and you're possible future projects.