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Game of the year


been a month now... ive had the page up and refreshing it... but still nothing... any ETA?


Wow, over a month already? Did i say 2 weeks or so... 

Well, i've still got some bugs and content to get through, but i should probably prioritise another reveal video, since theres a moth of progress since the last video.

As it stands, there are 6 songs, with 1 or 2 needing some visual tweaks, but another 2-4 i could add, which could be either be fast to implement, or completely slow, so whether I add them for launch or leave them out is undecided.

This weeks progress, brand new settings menu, now with resolution options, 2 revisions on motion controll input, with a 3rd planed, improvements to 2 songs, motion capture refinements, kirby prize for a good score, debug pc grab button.

Might make a combo metre, that'd only be an hour...

For any updates, my twitter is probably the best place. As for release, i will film tonight, and plan a 3 day count down starting from the launch of the first video.


Wednesday for sure.