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I apologize. I just played the demo version, so I didn't see any updates. I really liked the game, and I'm glad that it is updated to this day))) I hope someday I will be able to buy this game. But definitely not this year(

P. S. Translated by Yandex.Translate. I'm Russian. So I apologize in advance

No worries :) Most of the changes at this point are for higher level, which is why I don’t always update the demo.  However, this update has the new progression UI, which shows what levels you get various rewards and when enemies show up, and that’s in the demo now. 

I went to the demo, and realized that the game has changed a lot since I entered it! I decided to do some unusual tag games)) And jumped out of the demo without passing the final test. Was this exactly what you planned?😅

Nice job! We wanted that to be tricky but possible, that’s why there’s a timer on the main quest that forces you back to Portcullis when you’re taking too long lol

An effective way to attract a buyer 😄 😄 Only 2 people working on the project? Is there anything I can do to help?

Feedback, bug reports and reviews are the best way to help! We have a discord too