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Feedback, bug reports and reviews are the best way to help! We have a discord too

Nice job! We wanted that to be tricky but possible, that’s why there’s a timer on the main quest that forces you back to Portcullis when you’re taking too long lol

No worries :) Most of the changes at this point are for higher level, which is why I don’t always update the demo.  However, this update has the new progression UI, which shows what levels you get various rewards and when enemies show up, and that’s in the demo now. 

Yes! My friend made that one, it’s cool too! 

Updated, today :) 

the last update on here was 4/27/21, I’m definitely still updating, and more often than I used to! I just haven’t been posting the patch notes here, because they’re in-game now. 

I have another patch (the Courier patch) from last week that’s on steam but not here yet, I’ll try to post it in the next couple of days. 

You can check the bottom of this page to see what the latest version is, and when it was posted! 

Thank you!

oh and to answer the original question, yes I believe it is 64b on Mac 

i believe it can run on Catalina if you allow unsigned applications. It’s definitely unsigned. Try the demo either here or on Steam, it will let you see if it works for you!

Updated on here and humble!

The steam version is actually also DRM free, you can launch it without Steam open!

Sorry I haven't updated the Humble version in a while, they don't make it very easy.  

If you want an itchio key, ping me on the discord or email me, and we can figure out how to prove you have it on steam or humble. 

Maybe later but not any time soon! It’s difficult to juggle a lot of stores as one person. This version is DRM free too!

Thank you! And one thing to note - itchio gets all the big updates, but i do minor updates on an opt in steam branch much more often. So the best thing to do is buy here, which comes with a steam key, and get the indev branch on steam if you want faster updates! 

Hey! No, I’ve never bundled the game, because it’s still in active development! The ~weekly indev patches are only on steam, but you get a steam key for buying here (and it’s better for me!) 

If you already own the game, check your email, you might have a link from a long time ago! 

Hey! Don't worry, I just haven't updated the itchio page in a while. I still do frequent patches on the Indev branch on Steam, and you can take part in the development if you join the Black Ice Discord

This is updated on here now! It should work fine! 

hey! Sorry, I haven’t updated the demo on itchio for a while. Try the demo on steam? 

That’s one reason there’s a demo :)

Thanks, I use Unity! Why do you ask?