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Hey there's a bug in the demo when Shawn and Raphael are trying to get up the path with the grappling hook- The mountain goats (I think?) should be moving at random and you can move past them but one is standing still and blocking the way. If this isn't a glitch and I'm just being stupid then please let me know! This game looks fantastic so far!

You mean the goats up the stone stairs or the ones up on the cliff where you only get with the hook? Because the latter just have a small treasure lying around near them. To progress you have to go back down and head north for the stairs. Hope this helps! :)

the one with the hook. I'm a completionist when it comes to video games, especially before they come out officially because it helps to test for glitches. Speaking of which, I've found some more, mostly small things, but one causes the game to close. I can email the pictures/videos or I can try to do it over the comments. If you have an email or a discord that you would be willing to share though, that would be appreciated

That would be amazing! Please send your compilation to :) Thank you!

Can do!