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1. Hey I'm Harley, but I would be preferred to be called by my username or Razz. I'm just a small city girl from Canada.

2. I didn't participate last time and didn't even know about these type of things before but it seemed like fun and I wanted to try and get better at pixel art, or at least get faster at making them. I probably won't get super far as I'm doing this by myself but it won't stop me from trying.

The type of games that really got me into game making was actually RPG Maker horror games. Something about the story telling and simple game play talked to me. But not only just horror games made in the engine I also enjoy stories that aren't too fast paced or scary, I enjoy the cute ones too. But I do enjoy a good actual RPG here and there. The actual games I like are Ib, Skyborn, Harvest Moon series and Undertale.

Just playing around in RPG Maker XP. Then I moved onto VX Ace and kind of played around with making events, I'm a super beginner at stuff like this...! Also I'm not actually good at any other engine or have tried. They are too far out of my reach this time around.

I'm not really sure what I'm super passionate about? Haha still trying to figure out my own life and what not. I guess I like pixel art and drawing my own characters. I also love figuring out a story and applying it to my characters. I may be a tad shy sharing my ideas but I hope it doesn't stop me from doing it anyway.