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Hey guys, having compatibility issues with v0.6.0 when downloading through I hit "New Game" on the Title screen and the game fades to black with nothing additional. The game worked fine back in v0.3.3 but now the game refuses to work. Any fix? Specs below:

CPU: i5-6600k @ 4ghz

GPU: Zotac 1060

Ram: 16gb @ 2133mhz

Storage: 1x250gb HDD, 1x5tb HDD (where the game is installed)

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Hi DarkShibara, thanks for the report. Is this through the itch client or from a download from the website? Thanks!

EDIT: If you could, would you be able to post a screenshot of the game at the point where it gets stuck? If you press the E key (or the A button if you're using a controller), does anything happen? Let me know.

Hi DarkShibara,

I just pushed an update that should fix this issue. Let me know if you get a chance to redownload it and try it out. 


(+1) didn't send an email stating that you replied so I didn't see this until now. Just redownloaded and it works just fine now thanks.

For the previous message, v0.6.0 would freeze after hitting "New Game" with the 'v0.6.0' text in the bottom left corner. Since I don't have it installed anymore, I can't obtain a screenshot of it nor attempt to press E or A to see if it would fix (from what I recall tho, it didn't work with either control setting). Thanks for the quick response and fix! Appreciate the dedication.