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The art is super cute! Though the gameplay is a tad rough; here's some suggestions I have:

1) The movement seems super slippery, even without jumping. It's this slippery-ness that's caused me to slip into lava too many times, even when I've stopped hitting any buttons. Maybe try toning down the acceleration a little to give the player more control?

2) The jump is super jarring and fast. I'd recommend a tad more floatiness/acceleration to it; the jump combined with the already-slippery-ness makes some easy jumps super hard to do.

3) Love the parallax in the background, but it's a little too fast for me. Maybe make it a little slower? 

4) This is a bit of a nitpick, but some of the ledges have a "lip" that makes it harder to jump on; I think the aesthetic is nice, so it's more of a collision shape fix than an art fix.

5) Finally, this is very much a personal preference, but maybe consider having the jump button be controlled by the up arrow key/w key instead of the space bar? I dunno, just a suggestion you can play around with.

Can't wait to see how the game turns out!

Thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoy the art.

Definitely we'll be tweaking the player controller-- it's always a hard thing to develop, so we very much appreciate your feedback! Look forward to patches in the future. C: