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I don't know if this is a bug or not but I joined the lit club and when Vivi gave me a notebook to give to Echo, she told me not to look in it, so naturally, I looked in it. After that I gave it to Echo and once I left the library it cuts to the hall for a split second and then the screen becomes completely red and I can't click anything. I have the leave the game and load my save file. Is this a bug? 

sorry for the late reply! this definitely sounds like a bug (there are a few in my game unfortunately) it seems like the bugs exist only for some people and i'm not sure how to fix the since i'm not a professional and have no friends to ask about this issue ; v ; very sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah geez, I should apologize for the late reply as well!! But no worries! Thank you so much for getting back to me!! I hope you manage to figure out what's goin' on though!! Good luck!<3

I'll do my best! :D