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My favorite pet game was either Pets Society (from Facebook) or Nintendogs for the DS.
I don't have any images of them but I suppose they're google-able. Many hours of the late end of my childhood was spent caring for my nintendog named Tiny, I should probably dig him up from my pile of DS cartridges and give him a bath sometime... Actually, giving your pet baths will definitely be something I'll be adding to my entry.

And then I guess there's "Can Your Pet?" but that's probably taboo in a jam like this!


Oh yes, my wife and I reminisced about our old Nintendogs from jeesh, over a decade ago. I think that might be partially an influence for what my pet's going to be!

I am unfamiliar with this "Can your pet?" but it sounds like I might not wanna know ;)

does mary from fnac 3 have a pet? 

Also reminds me of my pet irl he was a dog we had to get rid of him 

:( for reasons