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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hello. My name is Edgar. I tend to program prototypes in Unity from time to time

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

This is the first time I've heard of a game jam for Luckily, it's for those who've yet to make a full-fledged game before.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I primarily like character-action games (DMC series, Bayonetta) due to their combination of mastery of skill and the ability to show off how cool you can make your characters look when pulling off amazing moves. Haven't played much of Dark Souls (beat the Gargoyles then stopped, since I never knew where to go next), but I hope to do so in the future. Aside from that, I like bombastic shooters (Borderlands, Bulletstorm, Hard Reset, Lost Planet 1) specifically for their atmosphere or feel of gameplay. The Borderlands series was never a good-feeling shooter series, but they have style. Oddly enough, I've been playing tons of Warframe which present both of these qualities in spades.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I've used Unity to create a few prototypes to test out some game ideas, but I've never created a full game before.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I love suspense in movies and shows. Anything which keeps me hooked when watching the show. I also love what-if scenarios, like the one presented in season 3 of The Wire. When it comes to reading, anything that shows the writer wanted to show me around the world and tell me how everything works to the average person. I love how The Martian presented numerous subjects (e.g. the concept of Sols instead of days when in reference to Mars' rotation around the sun) in a way which everyone would understand.

In terms of design, I love anything that is both eye-catching but instructive. This specific aspect of design has been a stickler for me, since I've had trouble making HUDs for my prototypes which allow people to see everything they need to know at a given time, while also presenting it in a way which doesn't distract them from gameplay. For example, I recently learned about the concept of primary eyes (i.e. which eye do you primarily use when looking around on the screen). I want to incorporate a HUD which can be set up based on which primary eye a player has.

Well, that's it for my introduction. Hopefully, I can speak to you all throughout the time of this game jam.