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It contains parodies of ComCast and Donald Trump.
It is unnecessarily unfair to infract rules by speeding up the network of the most needy users.
Here ComCast is like a global multinational telecommunications company, when the effects of the end of neutrality are given only in the USA, Since in other countries have other companies with rules that even advanced the case of the USA, as in China or Portugal. But it could be global someday, I've also heard about it coming into force on February 27 (2018).

Although good simulation, since it shows as if it were easy to accelerate and slow down the connection of others.

Fail me, it seems that the end of neutrality will actually come into force in April 23 (2018), We have a bit of luck, but equally painful <:(

Ok, that other comment was also a fail me. The true end of Net Neutrality is June 11 (2018), and this time it won't be a joke.