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Hi there!

The last scene requires you to snub/ignore Jilly at any chance you get and reject her advances, while favouring Tari when you can. The first three choices in the game are important, leading up the moment with you and Jilly in the tent. At that point, if you reject her love and have met the previously mentioned requirements, something a little different should happen than before~

And in regards to the locked out question marks in the extras menu, those will be added in an update planned for the game.

thanks i was wondering if that was the case with those????

If I might ask, how would one get said updates once they come out if they made the purchase on a site such a Nutaku? Do you intend to release the patches here or somewhere else by chance?

Also, love the work you have put into the game. I genuinely enjoy it!


The updated version of the game will be available to download wherever you may have purchased it, have no fear. I'll be uploading updated builds to:

- Nutaku
- Mangagamer
- Updating the folder that Patreon backers received when pledging for the copy

And thank you for your kind words! I hope Chapter 2 doesn't disappoint!