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A funny & properly-absurd adventure. The ending was especially funny cause it's so true. Really cool work. Sorry for the pronunciations... I looked things up but still... sorry. :) 


Many thanks for taking the time to play the game and for your kind words! It's always nice to watch someone solving your own puzzles. Your pronunciation was bang on most of the time, so nothing to be sorry about ;) Also, the collage on the thumbnail cracked me up big time : D

Hehe, glad the pronunciation was okey. For the thumbnail I said I had to have cake in there.. and the rest... fell into place naturally. :)

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Btw, what surprised me (in a good way) was how you solved the TV puzzle. I knew it was (sort of) open-ended and that there is at least a couple of possible solutions but I have never seen anyone doing it the way you did it : )

It's not my best work but I remember a puzzle like that from a game I played maybe 6-8 months ago. So I had a vague idea of how I needed to start. It might not look pretty but it works... pretty much like all patch work back in the Iron Curtain days. And after. :)