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I had a chance to play through this demo and upload a recording of it. I discovered a few game breaking glitches, but I left a review at the end going over everything. I love and hate the cliffhanger at the end! I WANT to learn MORE! I can't wait to see the final game release. Thank you for making it! I hope you enjoy the video! :)

Hey RockTheGolem!

So I checked your video for the feedback: More than a few people have had issues with the controls, and had difficulties interacting with some objects. These issues will be worked on for the full game (maybe rebindable keys, or even the option to choose a point and click interface!) 

Also, the demo was replaced with an updated version on Jan 14, I'm guessing you'd downloaded the original version before that? This updated version fixed the "walking out of the scene" bug, and the collision bug where you could push Officer Blunt around. It also introduced dialogue skipping, which allowed you to skip complete conversations if you'd already heard them. The full changelog can be found here: In case you did download the new version, let me know. I'd then have to check if the wrong file is up for download on the page! And thanks for playing :)

I actually had an older version. This video was recorded a few weeks ago. I tend to record and upload in bulk, so I probably just missed the update. Thank you for watching! :)

Alright, cool :)


The full game is out now! :)