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Finished all the official endings :D (Now I have to find all the 69 bad endings xD) I read your Web comic, it was amazing ! I follow you on twitter and tumblr as well (Your art is so amazing you should make a livestream when you are drawing :P)

I can't stop thinking about Etsuji (I hope that I don't fall in love with a fictional character xD) The official bad ending hurts so much :c also "My fucking restaurant" was so damn funny x)

Well I think you should post your game on steam :O or something because this visual novel is GOLD, those male characters are EXACTLY my TYPE of mens every "gay" otomo game want the muscular dude to be the dominant, and you show exactly how a manly men can be cute and bottom at the same time !

(Jiji and  Etsuji are the best male in my opinions >:3)

I was searching in the files of the games and I found out there was some "auto-save" but still don't know how to use them...

(Oh and I think you shoud put a more heartbreaking bad ending... don't mind me if I post on your "ask")

thank you so much! also i'm not quite sure how to upload things on steam ahah, but if i find a way then i will! thanks for the suggestion!