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Whew took me a while, there's a lot in my list! It's a nice visual novel, the music transition is nice and the the bg and sprites too~

But I find that some font are hard to read such as in the title screen or the characters name. Also although I said that the music transition is good, the volume control wasn't. For example the gust of wind and the cracking ice very loud unlike the other volume. That's all! I'll be continuing later.

Also if you're wondering I kinda figure he is good for the thumbnail but since he's naked it wouldn't be good to, so I give him the drip in thumbnail.

Part 2, this blow my mind lol. There's so much plot twist on this one. Though I must say the estimated time of between 30-60 is kind of far....

Oh well I suppose it'll be done in part 3.

Part 3, so yeah it's around 90 minutes :D


It left me hanginggggggg (which is not a bad thing)

Either ways it's nice~

Really love the lighting and the characters~