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Hello there

This package is AMAZING! Thanks a lot for share this completely free. I’m learning a lot of new things doing your Youtube tutorial series, and it’s wonderful that you did it from scratch to release for play store. Please guy, continue doing tutorials like this. You are helping so many people !!

Just one “problem” that I found on player spaceship sprite. When you cut it on Unity and change the position or translate, sometimes you can see a strange pixel on the left of this sprite. See on this picture below:

Spaceship problem

To solve this, I moved this sprite 1 pixel to the right on Unity Sprite Editor. It’s easy to solve, but I think that maybe would be better to mention this on your Youtube tutorial series :)

Moreover, what do you think to add a classic space invaders spaceship sprite as well, on the same spritesheet? That will be great to add a “Spaceship selection” features :)


Hey man. Glad you like the series. I’m hoping to do more like it soon and also some 3D first person game clones too!

As for the sprite, I never noticed that line of pixels being an issue myself and its been a while since recording that series now, I think over a year, so I’m not entirely sure what I did to fix it in the videos but you can always grab the bounding box around the spaceship sprite and move it over one pixel in the sprite editor.

Also, a followup episode on spaceship selection is an interesting idea! Maybe it could be its own tutorial but being as generic as possible it could work for this series and any other project