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Thanks for making the video. It's really cool to see.
Thanks as well for the kind comments it's cool to hear that you were able to relate, at least in part! My original intention was to make a more lighthearted game but as I was writing I realized that it was easier and more interesting to write about my personal experiences.
And yes! Chinese American from California ! 

okay, also.
Maybe this is awkward and maybe this isn't the place but I didn't know where else to ask! How are you doing? I saw on your game jam dev log that you were dealing with some depression? I wanted to say that I know what it feels like and I wish you the best! I hope you have a loving community that you can reach out to.  I also hope you find more time and energy to work on the game! It looks really cool!

hi not awkward at all, very kind actually <3  I'm doing ok, and I have a good support system (:  didn't finish my game but made more progress than I thought I would and may come to finish it sometime in the future. thanks!