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Braden can you add the newest version to Mac as I have to play on an older version while my friends play on a newer version. btw great game

p.s can you add some Easter eggs me and my friends love to mess around and find small glitches or Easter eggs and exploit them.


I'm hoping to have the Mac version available soon, when I was making the game in the Unity3D game engine all I had to do was press a button in the editor to make the Mac version. But on Unreal engine I have to install the editor on a Mac and export it that way. So far I've tried borrowing a friends Mac but I think it was too old because the editor wouldn't open, then I tried installing a virtual Mac OS on my windows PC but the editor wouldn't open in that. Lol so I'll have to get a hold of a newer Mac I guess. 

I like the Easter egg idea! I'll come up with some:) thanks for the feedback!

Will there be an ETA for an updated mac version?