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This is a very pretty game! I didn't have the chance to play it yet, but man it is gorgeous! I'm also very curious about the voice acting, since it seems you're pretty proud of it! Not to mention the story seems compelling!

I'll try to play soon, but I wanted to ask a couple of questions beforehand.

First, I wanted to know if it's an interactive visual novel or a kinetic one? I'd tend to say it has some choices, but it's hard to tell, and I like to know before starting.

Also, I see it includes romance, but (if it has choices and multiple endings) is it straight or gay romance (or both)? I'm fine with both - again, it's for the sake of knowing what I'm getting into haha!

On a side note, I'd suggest you actually put that on the game page. I mean, about if it's kinetic or interactive, and about the kind of romances included.  Sometimes players decide if they're interested enough in the game based on that. Heck I do that too if I'm not sure about a game from the story, characters and art alone!

Oh yeah, and also, I love to play games in their "original" language, if I understand it. But in this case, I speak and understand english, french AND spanish, sooo... which one is the original one? The one you're writing the story in?

Thank you and sorry for the amount of questions before even starting!

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for reaching out, here are the answers!

-It's meant to be interactive, though I'll be the first to admit that the first chapter gives off the impression of quite a linear VN. From the second chapter on, there are bigger changes in the plot, and I intend for a genre shift in chapter 4 with bigger chances for a non-linear plot (aka node-based exploration and stat rasing, but don't take my word for it yet, that's months ahead in development, haha)

-Romance isn't the main focus, so that's why I'm abstaining from commenting on it :,D I'd rather players discover the protagonists' sexuality as they (both the characters and the player) get to know themselves better. The first chapter focuses on straight romance option, though it doesn't quite count as such in-universe (can't explain without getting into spoilery territory, sorry! It's all addressed in-game :>)

-Waiting to have more tangible info on everything ever to make a proper page, with a cool trailer and everything, another of those chores that piles up on my development list. But yeah, it'd be lacking a romance list since the game is a lot more about meeting every character and learning their stories than romancing them per se.

-I'm Spanish, but it was written in English from the start! I did give it quite a flowery, XVIIth century-esque tone in Castilian Spanish, so if your vocabulary is advanced enough there (Spanish players thought some words were made-up, beware!) I'd recommend playing it that way. The only voice acting available is the English one for now, so it shouldn't be a problem either way!

Let me know if you have any more questions, hope you enjoy the game! <3

Oh, I see! Well, I get your point, about romance not being the main focus, then it's allright I guess - having the surprise isn't bad either haha! 

And yeah, often the first chapter of a visual novel is less interactive than the following ones, as it's the introduction. 

As for my spanish, yeah, I'm totally fluent in spanish and I've read books written in that kind of old tone - I love it! So I guess I'll play both the english and the spanish versions haha!

I'm really excited to play! I should have time this saturday, so I'll probably comment more once I'll be done - and I'll surely have more questions at that point!

Awesome! Looking forward to your reply then! <3