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How to increase image size without losing quality ? 16x16 is very small, almost impossible to see. May seem like a dumb question but honestly i do not know how to do it.

thank you in advance

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You're looking for "texture filter" or "filter" feature in your engine/framework of choice and "nearest" or "point" or "no filtering" value for that.

Sorry cannot help you any further not knowing what software you use. 


And don't worry, asking questions is good. I'm glad I can help.

I am using Gimp or Krita, I'm learning to use them yet, thanks for the answer, I'll search more about it.

In Gimp you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image..." and then in a popup window choose "Interpolation" to be "None" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like..

In Krita you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image To New Size..." and then in a popup window choose "Filter" to be "Box" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like.

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It worked for both, thank you very much. You recommend some tutorial for pixel art ?

I'm glad  it helped.

No idea for a pixel tutorial; but I recommend limiting yourself: small resolution (like 16x16 or even 8x8), few colours (2-5) - it's easier to get decent results.