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Had an excellent time with this as a solo journaling experience. A tweak for solo I used is to insert the Ace of Spades 1/4 of the way from the top of the deck. This still developed the story well, especially since I was the only player, and probably increases replayability even more. 

Some notes on my session: the story developed wonderfully with a full-fledged arc and a sense of growing unease as the secrets of the wizard and the tower are uncovered. Your character's backstory develops on the fly, leading to a final catharsis. 

This is an extremely satisfying storytelling game I'll keep returning to. An absolute gem.


thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment!!!! i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game!! the ace of spades placement tweak is an excellent idea, too, so thank you for sharing it!! 💖💖